Friday, July 15, 2011

Today is...

Today is mine and the Misters wedding anniversary. 11 years ago were married. He proposed the year before that on the night I graduated High School.

I've all ready told the How It Happened Story here.
So, on this day, I will share a few things that come to mind on what I have learned about my marriage these past 11 years.

  • He won't EVER understand me . I won't EVER understand him. (But I kinda do because I'm posting this. His mind is a box. My mind is a bunch of circuits that go pretty much crazy all the time. He is male. I am female. We balance each other out. That's just the way it is.

  • No matter how many times I tell him to try something new, or about how cool something is, he is not willing to try it until one of his 'buddies' says something good about the same thing. (But he denies that he does that)

  • He is my best friend. If I had to choose anybody to travel, shop, fight, laugh, binge, veg or do anything with. He will always be my first pick

  • My sex drive is never going to catch up to his.

  • When I ask him what I should cook for dinner, he says he doesn't care, but will wrinkle his nose up when I decide on something he doesn't care for. But eats every bite plus some.

  • The more a man looses his hair on the head, the more it grows everywhere else.

  • Marriage life is pretty easy when both of us seem to have the same goals in the end. But when goals change for one or the other person, FAITH and HOPE and a belief in our Savior Jesus Christ is something that has to be present until the other person sets their sights on the same goal.

  • I love Riggles more than anyone is this world. There is no other person here that means more to me than he does. These past 11 years of marriage have been a great blessing. Knowing him for the past 14 years has been so wonderful.

Happy Anniversary My Love!


Middle-aged Mormon Man said...

Lovely post. He is a lucky man. My EC and I are closing in on 25. It just gets better.

Jaymi said...

Lovely post. He is a lucky man....

Jenette said...

Happy Anniversary!!!!

Shana Eberhard said...

So sweet, Happy Anniversary!