Saturday, July 16, 2011

A Pest Post

Remember when I said I was grateful for my garden that was doing so well? Well, I still mostly am. But lately we've had a lot of rain. And normally I'm ok with that. That is one of the great things I love about living in the Pacific Northwest. But too much rain is leading to these:

Too many slugs

Which eat to many veggies.

So I picked up some slug bait and hopefully that will control the bastards pests for the most part.

I know this is a miniature garden. I know it doesn't take too much work. That is kind of the purpose of the miniature garden. (Someday I will have the skills and area for a bigger garden.) I need to adjust my way of thinking and be grateful that part of the blessings of having a garden is learning to love the 'work' part of it.

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