Friday, July 22, 2011


Today I feel the urge to sit down at the computer and type an amazing post for this blog/journal. But I have NO idea what to blog about. I think my quota for crying about whining kids has been filled for the year. But when you are a SAHM those highlights of the day all seem like the whining, crying and carrying on by the children you are staying home with.
So as I sit here staring at the ceiling thinking about those things that I should blog about. The only really good highlight was early this morning while I was still in bed. NO!!! It wasn't that.....My husband would be way to happy if that happened. But it was a really weird, vivid, realistic dream that didn't make any sense at all. But I enjoyed it. Probably because I don't get out much. Any form of entertainment, including my own dreams is enjoyable.
Let's see how much I can re-tell for it to make any sense. Because we all know how dreams switch characters, places and moods from one scene to the next without any sense at all.
It all started in a 4 runner type vehicle. I was with my Hubby and somebody else. We had gotten pulled over by some weird truck with a tiny emergency light on the top of it. The cop that pulled us over wasn't a cop at all. It was some hillbilly psycho path with a partner and a super long shot gun ready to blast my husband. I knew this really couldn't happen because of my Hero LEO husband and his amazing skills and senses so I stopped the action in my head and rewound to the beginning. I warned my husband what was really going to happen. I jumped out of the 4runner and headed into a little tiny white car. Like an Escort of something...but much worse. It went soooo slow. But I was all ready doing what I had planned to do, distract the psycho path hill billys away from my husband. *side note not in dream*for those of you who have been there, the next part of my dream takes place on the Mt. Crest road that goes from Hyrum to Nibley, Utah. *end side note* I started driving up the hill towards Hyrum but the car is soooo slow going up hill the bad guys are catching up. I swerve into traffic at the top of the hill and pull a U-E. I start coasting down the hill. I am broadcasting over the radio station for those in the area to come help me. I finally get word that there is a farm just over the next hill where I can pull in and hide. I do so. I find a better car and hide in it. But people start coming out of the houses and start walking by me and noticing me. I was scared they were going to give me away to the Psycho Hill Billy, but they actually wanted to help me. Or so I thought.
**This is where the dream gets really weird**And I'm not in a chase any more
I'm at this farm house. And the head 'farmer' is Elliot from Deadliest Catch. This is his ranch and accepts me warmly in. I come to find out this is a polygamist ranch. And Elliot as a bunch of wives and children. There are also a ton of other guys here. I assume they are the other husbands of other wives. They offer me a place as a wife. I consider this as the time goes by but the more I hang around and talk to them the more I don't like it or want to be a part of it. And I'm confused at why these women still want to be here. It seems like they are almost trapped in being taking care of to leave. So one of the things I find out it is that we can still choose what church we want to go to. I comment to the other lady, "Oh good because I love the LDS church." And she said, "No, we can't choose any church. We can chooose out 3 churches he (the polygamist) says we can. Some other weird stuff went on that I found out about and I was not for it so I was ready to leave. One of my sisters...(Lori..hehe)...told me I was stupid for leaving and that I was not going to get anything better anywhere else. I started yelling at her that that wasn't true and she knew what I knew about the Savior and needed to just put her big girl panties on and do the right thing. All this was being said while I was hitting her with a little kids folding chair with Lightning McQueen on it.
I started gathering up my clothes. I shoved them in the 4 bags I brought with me.
**which doesn't make any sense from the beginning of the dream** I couldn't find my huge "leather saddle bag"**don't know just a big leather duffel bag but that's what i called it in my dream**
I asked everyone for it. Because that is was I need to fit my baby Ben's clothes in to get the heck out of there. I asked Elliot, the Polygamist, who was sitting on a stairway with some of his wives around him for a garbage sack to use instead. He said yes but only cause I told him it was for Ben's clothes. He was stubborn and rude because I was leaving his ranch and wouldn't do anything to help me. He insisted that Ben get something to eat before I left so I agreed and he started to feed Ben some baked beans. While stuffing Ben's clothes in the garbage bag I get a call on my phone from my Hubby. He says that he was on his way to rescue me. But he couldn't find his mom. It was her car they were rescuing me with. He said she had gotten into a fight with some lady about the road construction. And then............
The End....I woke up.
I could something like that end that way. I'm dying to know what happened. And I'm pretty sure I won't be dreaming the ending to that one.

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Jenette said...

What a strange dream... I want to know the end!