Saturday, August 13, 2011

I said SMILE

Well, we are finally done family tripping. I cannot call it vacation because I'm not on a vacation when I am still doing laundry, changing diapers, being referee to fights and so on. Someday I will take another vacation...Someday soon would be nice but that isn't likely. I won't mention the VACATION my husband is going on to VEGAS because every time I do I get annoyed and irritated. Oh wait.....oops.
I won't sum up the entirety of the family trips all in one post. Instead here is a little blurp from the trip we took down to the Oregon coast. On our way home we stopped by Tillamook and checked out the Cheese Factory. Lots of people, long lines and lotsa cheese.
We had to bribe the kids with Ice Cream to get them to take these pictures with the cow. Then we decided it was too long of a line to get some ice cream. But by then the kids forgot all about the bribe and didn't even care. Instead we bought some "Squeaky" Cheese, Garlic White Cheddar cheese, and a bunch of Cow Tails.

The next picture I wanted to take was a pain because there was always some other family inside the Cheese Van. So I told Riggles to wait his turn and take the picture while I went to the gift shop.

He informed me what a bad idea it was because they all fought over who got to sit in the drivers seat. They were not happy.

But he is a great husband and father and knew how much I wanted a picture so he threatened them and told them to put on their best damn smiles.

Isn't he the greatest!


Jaymi said...

mmmmmmmmmm...squeaky cheese!

Jenette said...

Love the pictures and the story behind getting them to smile...I wish that worked my for girls.