Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Big Foot Alert!

Living in the Pacific Northwest I have learned that this is the place where Big Foot, aka Sasquatch resides. I have lived here for 7 years without a glimpse of the wild man. The people that live down the road have a very nice, tall, wood carving of him. That has been the closest I have to seeing anything like a Big Foot.
Now some say that Big Foot is a myth. A Tall Tale. A Hoax. Whatever. I think that is all true. I am 97.0876% sure that any sightings and evidence are made up by 10-14 year old boys who are too little for their own feet. My Proof:

My 10 year old sons foot. It is GINORMOUS!!! I am surprised he isn't tripping on them a thousand times a day. How in the heck is he able to move those things with his skinny, get-a-way sticks? Ok, I am a little grateful when he leaves his flip flops by the door so I can slip them on to go get the mail. But come on; I'm a ladies size 9!!! I am totally aware now why all the Deacons in church on Sunday wear tennis shoes with their nice white shirts and ties. What parent would want to spend dollar after dollar on replacing nice church shoes when the boys can not wear them more than 2 Sundays before they out grow them!?!
Anyone got any ideas when his feet will stop growing? I'm sure he has another 3 -4 sizes to go. But I really can't imagine a ten year old with a size 12 shoe. My son will look like this!

By the way, If you haven't seen this flick yet, you should.

It is great!!

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Jaymi said...

Ken is size 7 1/2 in ladies. That's 1 size smaller than me. Did I mention she is in the 4th stinkin'