Thursday, September 8, 2011


When you think of a Fantasy, what comes to mind?

A beautiful castle with knights in armor, slaying dragons, rescuing the Princess.

An enchanted land with fairies, gnomes, orcs, griffins. Elves, Dwarfs, Giants, Barbarians.

This is sounding like the awesome MMORPG I love to play, but no its not that kind of fantasy today. This is all about my husbands fantasy. (Thank you Glamazon for the inspiration for this blog.)

This is my husbands's OK...this one isn't rated R.

He and his buddies come together into a 'league'. Pick their favorite players. And watch sports games ALL YEAR LONG! The keep track of names, stats, and information on players that only the sports announcers use. They make trades with their players. And if a trade doesn't go or someone in the league doesn't like the trade you hear all about the hissy fits. Grown men pouting over trades or who vetoed a trade. Are You Kidding Me???

Once upon a time the ol' man would only watch Seattle Mariner baseball games. But now....almost every game matters because he has one of their team players on HIS FANTASY team.

I really need to record all the things he says over and over and over and over about his team players. Because he really says them over and over and over. I can always guess right what he is about to say about his team when looking at the computer at his stats. Just by the sound of his sighs, and grunts. "My guys are terrible!!" "I knew I should have played him." "You guys suck!" Doesn't he sound like a very positive guy? (You should hear him when we are playing Halo and we are losing....YIKES!)

He is the ruler of the remote control when he is home. The ruler of the radio in the car. King of all electronics devices in our Household. If you are in the middle of typing an amazing blog, or watching a show and he walks up next to better just save and walk away because he has to "check on his team". Usually it only takes a few minutes. But the whole "when i say jump you say how high" theme gets kinda annoying.

*Side Note* I'm glad his this Fantasy is what it is. If it was something else I might be worried. **2nd Side Note** He is a great dad and husband....during Feb and March.

***side note** Just kidding...all year long!


Jenette said...

Matthew used to be that way but thankfully school has gotten in the way---for right now anyways.

Jaymi said...

I like *side notes* if I ever have something to blog, I'm going to use a *side note*.. Even typing *sidenote* makes me laugh. Teehahaheee!