Monday, September 26, 2011

Bumming Around

Saturday was the most lazy, unproductive day EVER! No one got out of their pajamas. Meal times replaced with random trips to the kitchen eating 'whatever'. Streaming kids movies upstairs. Endless episodes of garbage on my iPhone. Channel surfing down stairs. (No video games, Gar is grounded.) Everyone feeling not sick, but like crap from doing NOTHING all day. It was AWESOME!

Red-headed Bums!

P.S. Everyone doesn't include the Mister..poor dude slept through all the bumming cause he had to work. Neener Neener :D


Jenette said...

Aren't those days the best? We mostly did that yesterday---too bad Daddy had to work and got to school that night.

PS I love your profile picture!

Sandra said...

Sounds awesome! Favourite day ever!