Monday, May 24, 2010

Recent Moments

Aquinna has been quite my little buddy this year. And my big helper. I am kind of sad that she will be headed off to Kindergarten next year. Maybe that is why I still havn't gotten around to registering her yet. Or maybe I'm just lazy..either way..i need to get that done.

She plays super good by herself. And she is always making some sort of sound. If she is not talking or singing it's usually because she is playing video games or she fell asleep. There has been a couple of times that I will go around calling her name searching for her, running around outside thinking of all the horrible things that could've happened to her. Finally to find her under a pile of clothes or blankets fast asleep. Usually in her bed or on the couch...right in front of my nose! Shows how much I pay attention sometimes huh?!? Here are some of those moments of cuteness.

She plays so good with Ben E too. I love how they laugh and giggle all the time. She still tries to do too much with him sometimes and I have to get after her for it. But he also lets her know with his shrieks of disapproval. But he is learning how to torture her right back.

(Quinna is yelling "Get him off!" and I'm laughing my butt off)


Jenette said...

Those pictures are tooo cute. I know I would be laughing right with you if I saw those last ones happening.

Tylaine said...

Love the new layout!
Cute cute pictures!

Jaymi said...

I love all the laundry baskets everywhere!! only cuz your always talking about doing your laundry!