Thursday, May 6, 2010

Friday Confessional

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I confess:
  • I don't have a best friend.
  • I'm done with best friends.
  • I have had "besties" in the past.
  • But I will never have one again.
  • I think their is something wrong with me.
  • My 9 year old son would call it Karma
  • That's his favorite word these days
  • He says it like 12 times a day
  • And it actually works out that he says it at the appropriate times too.
  • Anyways, back to the besties...
  • Back in middle school I changed best friends from a great girl to a different girl.
  • I guess I was just at the age of seeing where I best fit in.
  • It came with a cost
  • A year later the new best friend just stopped talking to me out of the blue one day
  • Had another real good friend..then stopped hanging out for a different crowd..
  • After another year, new crowd best friend stopped talking to me one day.
  • I never did find out what I did wrong. Must be my sparkling personality
  • I had a really good BFF for awhile...nothing bad happened just both went different ways at different times of our lives.
  • Many moons went by and I didn't bother too much with a good friend..I had a good Boyfriend aka Husband.
  • Eventually got a new BFF and it ended up being the weirdest one yet.
  • Found out some stuff about her...made me sad:( couldn't trust her
  • Then I moved...which saved me from a confrontation that didn't have to happen but could've if I had to explain why I was acting differently around her. Though I was trying not too.
  • Then a little bit later I got a new best friend...and now it's weird and basically non existent.
  • Then another one came and moved away in a blink of an eye. (Luckily we are still good friends)
  • So I'm done with best friends.
  • No more talking to someone every day, laughing about stupid stuff...Done!
  • No more random "Hey, let's go do .....this or that..."
  • I am only going to have Dear Friends. (You know who you are)
  • No more BFF's
  • Time to grow up!
  • But sitting here typing this I realize...I've had A LOT of fun times. And even if there is something wrong with me...and I suck at being a good friend...or someone else sucks at being my best friend ..hehe...I hope I gave them good laughs or good advice when they needed it.
  • I mean, in order for all the people out there to be blessed by my awesomeness I guess I'm gonna have to go through a lot of best friends. There is only so much of me to go around. ;)

This post seemed to go on forever and ever. I guess I needed to blab...sorry!

Happy Friday!!


Tylaine said...

I like the Dear Friends idea instead of Best Friend :) Friends are flaky and it really is hard to find a good one these days! Thank goodness for husbands :)
Have a happy Mother's Day

Jaymi said...

K- This was a very "serious" post but I found my self LOL for real! JSYK (just so you know) people SUCK!
LoveYOU and JSYK sister's make the best friends and I'm glad your my sister!

Terry said...

Other than my sister, my BFF's are the workers at Caribou Coffee! They treat me like royalty :) Oh, I also have my sis, but that goes beyond BFF.
My daughter is learning how BFF's can be...hers recently dumped her for an iPod!! WTF?? Stupid girls....

Glamazon said...

Interesting confessional! I think most of us go through times where we're best friends with someone, and then there is either a confrontation or they just stop talking to us for no reason! So weird, huh? Just the life cycle, I guess. But not fun. Dear friends are good-and hubbies are great to talk to and laugh with every day :)