Thursday, March 18, 2010

Tell me About it Thursday

Here a new little blog game to play. This one is hosted by Mommywood.

Find the todays number picture in your first photo file and post it and tell about it. Easy Peasy!

Todays number is 36!
How Embarrassing!!
This pictures is one of me in the Misters SWAT gear. He brought it home for one reason or another and was telling us how heavy it is and crying about how it gets really heavy after hours of wearing it. (whaa whaa) All the kids had a turn trying it on. (Those pictures are much cuter.) This thing does weigh a ton!! I couldn't imagine wearing it for hours. And trying to hold a gun and knock down doors and shit with this thing on. I guess that's why I'm the one that stays home with the kiddies.

1 comment:

Brittney said...

LOL I bet that stuff is heavy.. I sure couldnt do it haha!

Thank you for playing :)