Friday, March 5, 2010

Friday Confessional


Sorry no cute picture to click on. I'm not on my own computer and I am trying to hurry.

Here is my weekly confession.

I was having a a complete 'Farty Party' yesterday. (I think it lingering into today too.) I think the whole family was. Papa makes homeade, BBQ Baked beans and everyone enjoys eating them all day long.
But seriously...I don't think I have ever been that gassy in my Whhhhooollle life. EVER!!!
And I'm not even trying to hide it and squeeze them out quietly and sparatically. I'm just letting them fly. Even Mr. Riggles was impressed at how much air was passed between my butt cheeks. I'm sure my in-laws will comment on my excessive flatulance as soon as we leave here. They are impressed I'm sure. I've always fit in pretty well around here, but gas like this makes me a true Riggles. Heck even I'm impressed. Party On!!! Tooot Tooot!!!!


Brittney said...

Hahaha!!!! Love it!! I would have been embarrased.. "tooting" is not what ladies do around here!!! However, I am a rebel.... HAHAHA

Jaymi said...'s march and you are in libby??? SO JEALOUS, take a ride on the swinging bridge for me!

P.S. NIce PUsH!

Glamazon said...

Oooh, nice. And that's awesome your hubby was impressed. I never could fart in public, somehow marriage changes everything :)

Awesome confessional, loved it!

Stacy said...

I really enjoy a good old fashioned fart. That's when you really know you love people and they love you. Lean to the side and let the love fly!! P.S. I would never be so brave. I save all mine for my little family. They love me I'm sure.

Jenette said...

My dad would have said that there were a lot of "Barking Spiders" in the room ;)
However my mother-in-law would say that girls don't do that...I however do it and it feels good ;)

Rebecca Grant said...

Ha ha ha, i just found your blog and you are killing me!! He he he