Thursday, March 11, 2010

Friday Confessional

It's Time for the Friday Confessional. I don't know if it's suppose to make me feel better to get all this stuff off my chest..but usually I just feel like a gigantic DORK!! Oh we go again...

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Here's My Confession:

  • I like to scrapbook, both traditional and digital

  • I haven't done it in months..digitally

  • More like 1 year and 3 months traditionally

  • But I really want too

  • I just bought a ton of new paper.

  • And I'm always shopping browsing online digital kits

  • I do that often.

  • I have all these cool scrapbook page ideas floating around in my head

  • I just can't make it happen for reals (I know I just said for reals)

  • Maybe it has something to do with my unorganized mess

  • Or the children coming in to bug me

  • Or the digital part of it of not printing it out...ever.

  • I have no problem paying for supplies

  • But I don't want to pay for the printouts of the all done pages

  • I have a hard time paying 3 dollars for panty hose.

  • But I would pay 8 bucks a 12 pack for soda pop

  • Just goes to show what my priorities are

  • Stuff I'll never use and POP!!!


Terry said...

I have tons of scrapbooking stuff!! I even bought that Cricut machine that took months to pay for....and I've used it once. I have sticker sheets for baby's first, second, third and fourth year...and my daughter is now 12...hmmm...I could use them for the toddlers, probably not. But i have them just in case!!

Jaymi said...

remember that one page i scraped for you?? something with a volcano....and lots of love! LTMN

Jaymi said...

i meant scrapped

Brittney said...

I love scrapbooking but i havent done it in so long!

8$ for a 12 pack? REally??

JRiggles said... I havn't had to pay 8 $ for a 12pk...but I would.

Glamazon said...

Oooh, teach me how to scrapbook! I don't know how to do a darned thing. And I would pretty much pay asking price for diet coke any day of the week...but panty hose? My legs can be white and free, thank you very much.