Tuesday, January 31, 2012


  • Today I loved how my almost three year old says milk, "mulk."

  • Today I loved how I finally beat the Angry Birds Birthday level.

  • Today I was grateful to realize my 6 year old daughter is not the only kid that doddle's and takes her sweet a** time to do EVERYTHING.

  • Today I loved how the Holy Ghost helped me teach my 8 year old.

  • Today I had a moment of amazingness when I looked at my 10 year old son and thought, "Holy Cow! I am his Mom!" (Good feeling and yet, a little intimidating.)

  • Today I am glad I took some time to write about moments that made me feel grateful for my life on this earth and Heavenly Fathers wonderful plan for me.


Jenette said...

Super Smiles for you!!!

Jaymi said...

I wanna play! yup I'm going to!