Saturday, January 7, 2012

4 Out of 6 Ain't Bad

I got a Pressure Canner for Christmas......a year ago. Today I finally opened it up and canned my first batch of somethins. Great first experience canning if you ask me. I probably should have started with Water Bath canning but, too late for that now.
I started with 10lbs of Carrots, 6 quart Mason jars and now I have four SEALED quarts of carrots and a big mess. The other 2 jars, well, um, I don't really know what happened. My guess is loss of pressure too fast. But I am not flustered. I'm very happy that the other 4 jars all 'popped' and are sealed. I guess we'll see how they taste later. That could be a whole other story.


Velva said...

Wow...I am so proud of you.

Marilyn said...

ditto to the first comment. I am Soooo proud of you. It gets better each time.

Jenette said...

Wow Pressure Canning intimidates me!!! Good Job!