Sunday, January 22, 2012

Saturday Night Sewing

Lately I've been doing some 'firsts' for me. First loaf of bread, first canning. Last night was my first time sewing with a pattern. I have been looking around stores for skirts for my girls to wear to church. (For some reason the cute dresses in their closest are just too cute I guess.) But if you haven't noticed, stores do not sell skirts that I would want my girls to wear. TOO SHORT. And even with leggings underneath they are still SHORT SKIRTS.

While I was in Utah, I went to JoAnnes with sister #3. She helped me find patterns and pick out fabric. Three weeks later I've finally decided to brave the project.

*side note* A week ago I was looking for something in the medicine cupboard above the fridge. I opened the cupboard and something goes flying off and fell into the garbage. I tried to poke around for it, but I didn't know what fell so I couldn't find it.**

I started gathering the sewing machine, sewing box, fabric and stuff I needed to sew these skirts with. I was going to start with the black one and I went to go grab the black thread and realized that was what flew off the fridge into the garbage can the week before. So black skirt out. (Which ended up being good because I think I'm going to find a different pattern for that fabric.)

I sent the kids upstairs, turned on some tunes and got to work. I enjoyed just about all of it except the hem. What you think would be easy was a big pain in the butt!

Here are a few highlights of my 4 hour sewing night.

The cat, he sprawled out on e v e r y thing. Including the ironing board.

My work station :D

Finished product!

P.S. Don't look close because you will see crooked, messy, double stitches. But hey, from far away they are CUTE!


Tristi Pinkston said...

They are very, very cute!

Velva said...

You really are a molly riggles! I am still very proud of you.

Shana Eberhard said...

I'm quite impressed! I could never do that. Miss you!

Jaymi said...

yay! You did it you did it you did it hooray! Love the work station and props.

Jenette said...

They turned out sooo cute! I wish I was around so we could swap patterns and we could have sewing parties together!

Great Job on another first!!!!