Friday, August 21, 2009

This Mornings Milestones

We have a couple of Big kids this morning. Benny is balancing on his butt. Some people would call that sitting up; but because he is still kinda wobbly and will fall over when he reaches too far for things I'll call it balancing on his butt for now because I won't walk away from him like this just yet. Though it won't be much longer 'til he is a pro at 'sitting up'.

And Sam is our first official bike rider without training wheels! She has been practicing with wobbly, none working training wheels on the grass. (By herself with Quinn cheering her on.) So today we took of the pointless trainers and put her on the road!

And the next picture isn't really a milestone but it's stinkin' cute. Benny has been enjoying his Johnny Jump Up...but not as a jumper. He makes himself swing by stepping forward and backward and letting go with his feet. It's quite amusing and cute. The other night he was in it for awhile having a grand ol' time and wore himself out.


Jaymi said...

uh oh its time to lower the crib mattress. I love the end of your video same looks so pleased with herself

Jenette said...

WOW! What Big Kid moments!