Sunday, August 16, 2009

Fun with Family

For our last summer trip (and our last trip anywhere for awhile,) we headed to Idaho to spend a day at Silverwood Theme Park with family. We left on an afternoon and stopped a couple times to feed Benny. He enjoyed getting a stretch from the car seat.

The kids really enjoyed the time with their cousins. Even before we got to the park. These T.P. Ninjas were quite a sight. (So were the bottoms of their feet.) :)

Sam and Quinna loved, loved, loved the Roller Coaster and the rides. Sam really likes the water slides too. Garrett didn't try a single one. But he did really enjoy the wave pool which to me was shocking cuz he don't like nothin'.

Benny and Me floated down the river a few times. It was about all he wanted to do. I think the water was too cold for him and his naps were only a couple at about two minutes each. But he sure had a lot of smiles. Especially when the pretty ladies would talk to him. Riggles said Ben was better than a puppy. :)

It's been a great summer with plenty of things to do and I'm glad we did all that we could. I must say that I'm REALLY ready for school to start though. Two kids at school, two at home......just a couple weeks to go.

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