Thursday, August 1, 2013

Going Digital Hurts

Today I informed my children that it would be a NO SCREEN day.....for them.  They were not happy and I have been unhappy numerous times today.  But I don't think I have had any more arguments between them than any other day when they do get a screen.  Just different ones.  And maybe a couple more physical. 
At one point I sent them up to my room to go look through picture albums.  It mostly went well, but like always the 12 year old boy does everything he can to make the 8 year old girl ticked off.  It seems he just can't be nice to her........EVER. 
But that's not why I'm writing. 
While the other 3 were upstairs gawking over how cute they were as babies.  My youngest, 4 year old Ben, came down and asked for his book.  "What book?" I said , "all your books are on your shelf."  That is not what he meant.  He claimed he wanted HIS book the one of HIM as a baby. 

OH CRAP!!!!!! There is no Ben Book.

I felt like OH CRAP too!  What kind of mother am I?  I told him that all his stuff was on the computer.  I showed him a few of the digital scrapbook pages I made of him.  He enjoyed looking.  And he again asked, "But, where's my book?" 

So, I just ordered 91 prints from WalMart photo.  (Great price) And in one to two weeks I will be stringing out all my scrapbook crap (That's my word of the day by the way...crap)  that I never use anymore and dish him up the best scrapbook photo album  ever!!!  12X12. 
Not even the other kids have 12X12's.


Velva said...

You just made me cry. Have fun scraping.

Jenette said...

I have started making photo books on shutterfly. Each kid gets one from borth to three months and then I print three off a year (20 pages each). My problem is I dont have a single picture hanging up off my kids especially Bruce.

Jaymi said...

Crap! I don't even have digital for my baby. I got what?? Four years or so?? till she notices