Monday, December 21, 2009

A Very Busy Week.

It's been a countdown to Christmas this week at our place.

With so much to do at such a fast pace.

Aquinna has swimming which she thinks is great.

When it's time for her to go she really can't wait.

Garrett and Sam had a 'holiday' concert at school.

The crowd was a pain but their songs were so cool.

We decorated houses with graham crackers and sweets.

And on a firetruck Santa came down our street.

Garrett advanced on the wolf trail.

Such a proud moment for his Mom as well.
Sammy's dance stuff kept us on the go,

With pictures and practices and the big show.

Finally now we get to rest.

A few days 'til Christmas and we're all acting our best.

Just chillin' out in our holiday socks.

Merry Christmas to all..we hope your holiday rocks!!


Jenette said...

I does sound like a busy week for you. I love the sock picture--that is sooo clever!

Jaymi said...

Yes the sock picture is so clever, I love it and I thank you thank you! Did Rob hit the gaybar after the picture was taken??? I love you I miss you and I'm printing the picture and putting it on my fridge so you can be here in my heart for Christmas. now that I'm boobing I'll say good bye and miss you tonz, love me!