Thursday, April 5, 2012

Riggles and Ben have been in Montana since Monday. They come home tomorrow. I have had a great week. After sending the other kids off to school I have hours of just ME. I have accomplished many tasks that I have wanted to do. Spent some dollars I probably shouldn't have spent. And reflected and prayed and studied my scriptures better than I have in months. I feel awesome! Today I will grocery shop and come back to tackle some more of the things I want to get done around the house.
Sometimes it's just easier to get things done when no one is there with you. It really isn't a big deal to stop what I'm doing during normal every day things to get my toddler some milk, or a book, or play a quick game with him. But it's a lot easier to tackle the nitty gritty without any interruptions. And...the quiet. Oh how peaceful and quiet. The TV is Never on until the kids get there chores done after school. I have music moments of turning up Itunes and cleaning...but that is still peaceful. Music soothes. TV blares. Big difference. Well, depending on the choice of music.
Anyways, I thought it was time to put in an entry and acknowledge again, my Savior. His patience and understanding always amaze me. When the things I know will help me come out of my lows are just not something I want to do yet, he waits for me to come to him and humble myself so he can help me fix it. Even if I'm being stubborn and slow about it. He truly loves me and KNOWS me and I'm so thankful for Him.
P.S. I really miss my boys. As much as I enjoy the time by myself, I'm glad they will be home tomorrow. Hopefully I can continue to be as productive with them home :D.

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