Wednesday, October 7, 2009

A Post

Things are going good. With Garrett and Samantha in school, Quinna and Ben have lots of time to spend together. They will play lots of different things. Their favorite being Quinna running all over the house and Ben chasing her in his walker. There are those times when Quinn will be playing very seriously with her toys. ie - She has a train set with a bunch of animals. She likes to line up all the animals to get in line for a train ride...they all take their turn going around the tracks. Very cute! But screams and tantrums can be heard from miles away when Ben comes flying in for destruction. She is also on a kick to play 'puppy' for about 50% of her time awake. She won't even answer to 'Quinna' we have to call her 'Puppy' and give her food and water in a bowl on the floor. This could go on for hours...But she is a really good fetcher when I need something. We also get to spend time every day with a baby girl Bens age. It's going really well. It's really fun to see how the babies interact and play with each other and then totally ignore each other two seconds later.

Benny is really starting to get into trouble. He is climbing up and in everything. He thinks he is pretty cool when he stands up against the XBox..but Daddy doesn't like that. Especially when Ben gets to close to the power button. He's tried the stairs, climbing into boxes, car seats and standing up against things which leads to a tumble and a cry.

I had to post this picture to see who you thing he looks like. I have to say his Papa, Bill. This kid is definitely a Riggles.

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