Saturday, June 20, 2009

In the Mood to Brag baby thinks he's a big boy. I've been trying to keep Ben from rolling over too much but it seems he just wants to move around and see what is going on in this chaotic house. I hesitated a bit before I brought out the walker knowing that it will just speed up the fact that he is getting bigger. He had a hay day the first time I put him in. He really thought he was hot stuff. He will sit in here a good 20 minutes until he is bored and tired and ready for something new.
Today he he was a bit cranky and needed a nap. I told the older kids to get him a blanky (because he likes to cuddle to fall asleep). Well, they gave him the blanky but he didn't quit fussing till he got a hold of the bra that was lying by him. Then he got cozy and dozed off. I love this little guy. Sam is the one Benny really likes right now. She can really get him giggling and smiling like crazy. I don't know what its is but she's got it.

Speaking of Sam...she had her dance recital today. I'm definitely not bias when I say she did the best in her class. Or most classes her age and some older even. I know what your thinking, "Of course she is gonna say that, she is the Mom." All the dancers were great. And the little ones were extremely cute. But seriously i will prove to anybody that Sam is the best when the DVD comes out.


Jenette said...

What a cute guy---I can't believe that he snuggled up with your bra! And Sam looks sooo cute in her costume. Have fun in UT. I am going to miss our weekly date while you are gone.

Jaymi said...

I have a boy that likes to snuggle up next to my bras too....not Tanner :)